A First-Time Owner’s Guide To Raising A Happy Pet

By: Olivia Walker | May 24, 2021

A First-Time Owner’s Guide To Raising A Happy Pet

Pet owners don’t just bring home an animal, but rather they add a member to the family. Whether you raise a dog or a cat at home or have a horse in your farmhouse, you will probably love them in the same way as a child. It is your responsibility to ensure good health and safety, which you will happily do. You also need to understand the importance of raising a happy pet because emotional health is as crucial for animals as it is for humans. Even though it may sounds overwhelming, especially for a first-time owner, keeping your pet healthy and happy is easy. Here are some tips that can help.


Spend Quality Time With Your Pet


Dogs, cats, and horses need attention, just like kids do, and expect it from their owners. Not giving your pet the attention it deserves elevates the risk of separation anxiety, which can be unpleasant and distressing for both you and your pet. If you bring home an animal, be committed to giving it the share of attention it requires. Spending quality time together is the key to happiness and well-being, however, many owners think that taking a pet for a walk is enough for bonding. You must also engage with them in a way that is reassuring, like petting and stroking, as this is a positive behavior that can bring feelings of safety.


Discuss Therapeutic Options With Your Vet


Even though you may be enamoured with your pet, they may still struggle with anxiety. At times, they could even require medical attention to deal with this issue. Be sure to discuss therapeutic options with your veterinarian. CBD for dogs and cats has emerged as a reliable wellness aid for animals, particularly for concerns like anxiety and sleeplessness. If your pets seems to be hard hit by separation anxiety, it is worth seeing if this could be a potential remedy for your pet. You can also consider CBD for horse cribbing, a common equine problem associated with stress and boredom. The best thing about this alternative is that it is natural and safe.


Understand What Troubles Them


If your pet seems to be unhappy, try to understand what is troubling them. They may not only be yearning for your attention but also be fearing of something in their surroundings. Alternatively, there could be an underlying medical condition as the cause. You must watch out for signs and symptoms and get help early if mood swings and behavioral issues happen more often than you’d expect. Conversely, you could also try engaging your pet with new toys and activities to provide stimulation which is an important aspect of daily life for their health and well-being. Forming a close bond with your pet will allow you to better recognize what items and situations could cause them distress.

Raising a happy pet is not an impossible task if you satisfy their emotional, mental, and physical needs. And like anything, it requires an investment of some time and effort. It is all worth it in the end because a happy pet is infectious to everyone around and truly enhances our lives.

A First-Time Owner’s Guide To Raising A Happy Pet
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A First-Time Owner’s Guide To Raising A Happy Pet
Even though the goal of raising a happy pet may sound overwhelming, especially for a first-time owner, it is possible when taking some of these factors into consideration.
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Healthcare for Pets
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