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At HCFP our overall goal is to promote responsible pet ownership and advance the growing trend of incorporating pets into our lives. We want animals to be responsibly included in our communities so that private and public support will follow. That support will lay the basis for improving the quality of both human and animal lives in our society.”

We are strongly committed to promoting animal health and welfare through existing health-care providers, institutions and organizations.

Selection Criteria

If you are interested in writing a story, article or commentary please submit it for consideration. We are looking for short publications 500-800 words that you feel will help pet owners answer questions about their pet’s health.

We encourage you to submit publications about:

  • Behaviour & training
  • Diseases
  • Nutrition
  • Health & wellness
  • Medications
  • Vaccinations

If we decide to publish your publication we will contact you and ask you to sign a release form that allows us to have an unconditional, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual license and rights to use all submitted content in the present and future. Please submit a short bio and photo of yourself which we will include in your piece.

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Disclaimer: and its team of veterinarians does not endorse any products or services mentioned in any responses and answers. All advice presented by our veterinarians is not meant to replace a regular physical exam and consultation with your primary veterinarian. We always encourage you to seek medical advice from your regular veterinarian.