5 Tips To Prepare Your Dog Before Surgery

May 16, 2023

5 Tips To Prepare Your Dog Before Surgery

Dogs are part of the family. Occasionally, they will run into health issues that require special professional care, which can be stressful for pet owners. Preparing your dog for surgery might sound daunting, but you must ensure that the procedure goes smoothly and successfully. These five tips to prepare your dog before surgery will give you and your dog confidence, peace, and strength to manage every step of the process.


Follow Pre-Surgery Instructions


Your veterinarian will provide you with pre-surgery instructions you must follow closely to help your pet enter surgery in the best shape possible. These instructions may include withholding food or water for a specific time, getting blood work, and administering medication. Giving medication to your pet can be tricky, so learn the best tips for giving your pet their medication to minimize stress.


Keep Your Pet Calm


The night before the surgery, it is essential to keep your pet calm in a safe environment. Even though your dog doesn’t know what’s happening the next day, it will help them relax. You can try physical affection, aromatherapy, and a quiet night to engage all their senses. Love is the best language to reduce anxiety. It will also help you cope better with having your dog undergo a medical procedure.


Early Drop Off


On the day of the procedure, it is important to be at the clinic on time. In fact, getting there a little early will give your dog time to process the situation and give the vet enough time to prepare for a successful procedure. Following your vet’s scheduling requests and giving yourself a buffer in the morning will make the process easier for everyone involved.


Give Your Dog a Bath


Bathing your dog is one of the best ways to prepare your dog before surgery because it will minimize the risk of infection. Sometimes, the vet clinic will bathe your dog, but this might take extra time before surgery and could increase stress levels. Give your dog a warm bath the day before, and give them time to wind down and relax before sleep.


Monitor Your Dog After Surgery


After surgery, depending on the type of procedure your dog underwent, they will need extra care and attention to minimize stress. Monitor for any signs of discomfort, pain, or complications, and contact your veterinarian immediately about anything unusual. Your vet will give you post-surgery instructions that you must follow carefully to ensure your dog recovers quickly and comfortably.

5 Tips To Prepare Your Dog Before Surgery
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5 Tips To Prepare Your Dog Before Surgery
Having surgery can be challenging for both the pet and owner, and properly preparing is the best solution. Learn five tips to prepare your dog before surgery.
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Healthcare for Pets
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