• How Often Do Pets Need Their Teeth Professionally Cleaned?

  • How Often Do Pets Need Their Teeth Professionally Cleaned?
  • By: Jeanne R. Perrone, MS, CVT, VTS (Dentistry) | May 11, 2020

  • Jeanne explains how often cats and dogs need their teeth professionally cleaned. Not all pets require a pet dental cleaning at the same frequency which is outlined in this video guide.

    She is a founding member and former president of the Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians – A NAVTA Specialty Group which certifies, trains and mentors credentialed technicians to be specialists in dentistry.

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    The professional cleaning is performed at your local veterinary clinic. Dentists recommend that people have their teeth examined and professionally cleaned every six months. Veterinary dentists recommend a professional cleaning yearly for most sizes and breeds of dogs and cats. Toy breeds may need professional cleanings as often as every six months due to the smaller mouth size and a higher incidence of tooth crowding. Larger breeds can sometimes go as long as two years between cleanings. Your veterinarian will determine how often a professional cleaning is required for your pet.

    How Often Do Pets Need Their Teeth Professionally Cleaned?
    How Often Do Pets Need Their Teeth Professionally Cleaned?

    Jeanne Perrone, MS, CVT, VTS (Dentistry) explains how often dogs and cats need to get their teeth professionally cleaned which largely depends on size.

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