Digital Dog Health Scan App

By: DIG Labs | Sep 28, 2022

Free expert help from home using online stool analysis. No appointments or scheduling.

Know what to do in 10 seconds

Avoid emergency vet bills

A healthier dog, faster


Recommended by Veterinarians

“I recommend this to all my patients. Poop is such an important indicator of overall health, and the value of at-home monitoring is immense. We could catch and prevent so much, if more pet parents used this.”Dr. Wheaton, DVM, Alicia Pet Care Center

“I highly encourage all my patients take stool photos, especially when there is a GI issue. If you want the best help for your dog, having photos to share is my #1 recommendation. The DIG Labs Digestive Health app makes this so easy!”Dr. Tokiwa, DVM, Progressive Veterinary Care


Q: My dog keeps trying to poop but can’t. What is the cause and treatment? Click here for the vet-approved answer.

Digital Dog Health Scan
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Digital Dog Health Scan
Free expert help from home. No appointments or scheduling. DIG Labs Digestive Health Check App
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Healthcare for Pets
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