Why is my puppy so itchy all the time?

Original Question: Hi Dr. Greenway, I listen to your show and wanted your thoughts on my dog. I am fostering a guide dog now 6 months old (Yellow Lab). She has allergies and no outward signs of hot spots but is itching all the time. One round of steroids cured the itching very quickly but it came back just as quickly. Just today, they removed her from the program and I must decide whether to adopt her. I have read your blog on allergies and understand the things I can try. I'm wondering if you have come across such a young dog with allergies and if you think we can get her comfortable? We have changed kibble to Purina Sensitive Skin and Stomach but I was wondering if I should try another brand of food or a raw food diet once we adopt her? I'm feeling conflicted because I believe she would be better off in a household with another dog. If she is distracted, she will not scratch as much. We love her and provide lots of exercise but it is just me and my husband so the dog does spend time on her own to scratch! Many thanks for your time. - Anonymous

Why is my puppy so itchy all the time? Mar 1, 2018

Why is my puppy so itchy all the time?
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Why is my puppy so itchy all the time?
Allergies at 6 months of age are uncommon and they usually develop between 2 to 5 years of age. Consider other possibilities like fleas, mites, and since she's been around other dogs consider contagious diseases which is why I recommend you have a skin scraping performed.
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