Why is my dog vomiting bile and what is the treatment?

Original Question: We have a five-year-old Sheltie who seems to be in very good shape except if she doesn’t eat exactly on time. Every 4 hours she will throw up a lot of bile. We have had a complete blood workup with no negative results. Here weight is constant which is 21.8 lbs. We have changed her feeding times from 3 times a day to 6 times a day so she doesn’t have to go so long until the next feeding. This has helped somewhat she will get sick every 6 or 8 days. We changed her food to Royal Canin hypoallergenic food as well. We also did the tests for Addison disease with negative results. We have tried a Losec that only made the situation worse and she throw up every 4 hours so we had to stop it. We have taken her to an internist for evaluation and she seems to think that it is the food so that is why we changed to the Royal products. The next step would be an ultrasound, which is quite expensive, and I am not convinced that they will find anything. Since the time of the feedings every 4 hours we have moved it back to every 5 hours and now she is sick every two to three days. She appears to be chewing gum and then she becomes sick. After she is sick she is relieved and feels fine. She is a hyper dog, would this cause some of the excessive bile in her stomach? We need to go to the next step but I’m not sure exactly what that is. I am willing to pay for tests that will produce some results but I don’t want to become poor by trying a lot of tests for nothing. Can you make any recommendations as to what we should do next to help remedy this problem? Thanks in advance. - Rodger

Why is my dog vomiting bile and what is the treatment? Apr 25, 2018

Hi Rodger,

It certainly sounds like a complicated case you are dealing with for your Sheltie. Understandably, you’ve been through a lot of work so far but rarely are these cases simply explained or figured out. An ultrasound would be the next non-invasive step. Other than that, getting some biopsy samples would potentially more beneficial. There are pros and cons to getting endoscopic biopsies versus full thickness biopsy samples. I would suggest discussing this with the internist or consider seeking a second opinion.

Best of luck in getting this figured out to help your dog.

Dr. Ryan Llera

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