Which vaccines are recommended for our stray cat that comes in close contact with our puppy?

Original Question: My vet asked if our cat (stray male) ever comes inside the house and I told the vet only when he sneaks in and then he goes right back out. We have an 8-year-old female Jack Russell Terrier that lives in the house and a 13 week old male Border Collie that has close contact with the cat. The Collie is outside with the cat quite a bit, at least 4 hours a day. The vet said if the cat was in the house he would need a vaccine that would keep the dog from getting sick but I never got it because the cat wasn’t in very close contact with the Jack Russell. Since we recently got the Border Collie puppy Collie and the cat play together quite a lot so I was wondering if you might know what this shot for the cat is and if it is necessary. - Connie

Which vaccines are recommended for our stray cat that comes in close contact with our puppy? Apr 25, 2018

Hi Connie,

I’m unclear what vaccine your veterinarian might be referring to. Many viruses are species-specific or have some variations between cats and dogs, though rabies knows no boundaries. Cats generally get 2-3 vaccines – FVRCP, Rabies, and maybe Feline Leukemia. Other vaccines exist but are generally not recommended. You would need to clarify further with your veterinarian.

Best of luck,

Dr. Ryan Llera

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