Which laxatives would you recommend for a dog?

Original Question: What would be a safe laxative for Daisie? - Muriel

Which laxatives would you recommend for a dog? May 24, 2018

Hi Muriel,

Thanks for your question.

There’s no way for me to know which particular laxative will be the best for your dog. They all differ and if Daisy is sensitive to an ingredient in one of the brands, she could develop diarrhea or colitis and we would never be able to predict this. Also, there may be ingredients in one of the brands that are particularly effective with her specifically. So we have to try a good laxative, monitor the response and adjust the dose or product accordingly.

It’s critical you monitor stool quality after giving it consistently for a few days. Adjust the dose and/or frequency accordingly to control the condition. If it is not helping, please see your veterinarian and have a discussion about other options.

Thanks and good luck!

Dr. Greenway

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