What could be causing my dog to cough for over a month?

Original Question: My Cockapoo has had a cough like she is trying to cough up a fur ball for over a month. We have taken her to our vet and they did blood work but nothing showed up. Other than this continuous cough she has no issues. Any suggestions? - Winston

What could be causing my dog to cough for over a month? Apr 25, 2018

Hi Winston,

Thanks for your question.

Coughing can be a sign of many illnesses. This includes things like respiratory tract infections (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites), heart disease, tracheal disease, and tumours. Since the coughing has lasted more than a month, I would recommend looking into this further. Uncomplicated, transient infections or illnesses (such as “kennel cough” or infectious tracheobronchitis) should not last more than a week or two. Consider talking with your vet about next steps, such as chest x-rays, to have a look at the lungs and other structures that could be involved.

I hope this is helpful. Best of luck!

Dr. Kim Hester

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