Which vaccinations should my cat have and how often?

Original Question: What vaccinations do you recommend every year for cats? Mine is 4 years old. Thank you for your response. - Alicja

Which vaccinations should my cat have and how often? Jul 30, 2017

Hi Alicja,

All cats should have what we consider “core” vaccines, even indoor cats. These would be FVRCP and rabies. “Non-core” vaccines are recommended for outdoor cats and this would include the feline leukemia vaccine. The FVRCP vaccine is recommended every 3 years. Depending on the type of rabies or leukemia vaccine, they may be given every 1-3 years. In some years, your cat may not be due for a vaccination but an annual examination is always recommended. For more information on this topic, I encourage you check out our video on vaccination, entitled ‘Which Vaccines Should I Give My Dog or Cat?’, for more general information on this topic.

I hope this helps,

Dr. Ryan Llera

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