How do I treat my cat’s hot spots?

Original Question: What can I do to treat hotspots on my cat? I have dealt with these before and my vet gave my cat Prednisone. Is there something I could be doing on my own so I don't have to take the cat to the vets? Thank you - Lisa

How do I treat my cat’s hot spots? Jun 10, 2017

Hi Lisa,

Skin problems on cats can be especially challenging and if the hot spots are returning even after treatment, some further investigation should be done to find an underlying cause. Repeated or chronic steroid use (like Prednisone) could lead to other problems. You can keep the hair trimmed, clean an area with mild soap & water, and continue to keep your cat protected from fleas. I suspect this may not be enough in the long term and additional medications will need to be prescribed by your vet. Recurring skin issues are often allergy related and may involve specific food changes or other medications to keep your cat from getting nasty hot spots. I encourage you to have a look at our article, The Best Home Remedies for Hot Spots for more information about this topic.

All the best,

Dr. Ryan Llera

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