How do you stop dogs from eating poop?

Original Question: My friend has two Labs that are voracious poop eaters; their own, each other’s and any they can find. It is really gross and my friend is diligent about her own backyard but when they run off leash it can get pretty ugly. Thanks - Paul

How do you stop dogs from eating poop? Mar 4, 2018

Hi Paul,

There are multiple products that you can use to stop dogs from eating their own poop. Most of these are powders that you sprinkle on the food and it has no taste, but after they digest it, it tastes awful. I have found that this works well. There are other products you can find at your veterinary clinic or pet supply store.

If your dog is eating other dogs poop, that’s more difficult. In that case you just have to discourage it. Some people have tried putting Tabasco sauce on poop in the park and letting their dog smell/eat it but it’s up to you if you want to get that extreme.

These products are not medications so you should be able to get them without paying for a consultation.

Hopefully this helps.

Dr. Clayton Greenway

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