Is it safe to reheat cat food in the microwave?

Original Question: Is it harmful to feed moist cat food directly from the refrigerator? I have been told it is better for the cat to heat the food briefly in the microwave. Would this be harmful? Sophie is a spayed 4-year-old rescue cat and in good health as per her vet. - Marie

Is it safe to reheat cat food in the microwave? Dec 13, 2017

Hi Marie,

I really like this question. I’m always amazed at the strange misinformation we hear about out there. There is no harm in feeding cat food that has been saved or stored in the fridge. Just think about it, our food is stored in the fridge and often reheated in the microwave. It is completely appropriate to do this.

One problem you may experience is that cold food doesn’t give off much odour. Cats are already very picky about their food so if you offer cold food, the aromas will not be very strong and this may not stimulate your cat’s appetite. This is the reason why quickly heating it in the microwave is a good idea. It literally takes a few seconds and it will heat very rapidly. This will increase the aroma and stimulate an appetite better. It will also be more palatable.

There are no concerns here. Thanks for your question!

Dr. Clayton Greenway

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