Is it safe to give my dog two separate parasite medications at the same time?

Original Question: Hello, my dog’s Bravecto and Interceptor preventative medications are due at the same time. Should I give them a few days apart? Thanks - Michelle

Is it safe to give my dog two separate parasite medications at the same time? Oct 11, 2017

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for submitting your question.

There should be no harm in giving these two medications at the same time. However, when I have to give 2 drugs at the same time, I always like to separate them even though there is no negative interaction that they can have. My reasoning is that if your dog happens to have a reaction to one of them, such as an allergic reaction, digestive upset or drowsiness, and if you separated them then you’ll often know which one was responsible for the adverse effect. If the drugs are given at the same time, then you’re unable to know which one caused the issue and it won’t help in making decisions about managing that medicine in the future.

This is not an agreed-upon strategy by any means. It is simply a logical approach that I follow. Keep in mind that adverse reactions can be delayed and also they are very rare. Separating the drugs by a few days, like 2-3, is a reasonable idea if you agree with this strategy. It’s important that you follow the directions given to you by your veterinarian and at least clear it with them as they are primarily responsible for your dog.

All the best,

Dr. Clayton Greenway

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