Is there a product that will help promote a dog’s hair growth?

Original Question: Some time ago I asked about a feeding schedule for a dog on Prednisone. I have another question and I realize that I should give more information. In early summer 2016 my miniature Australian Shepherd, Indy, was diagnosed via liver biopsy with a most likely autoimmune mediated hepatitis with a (secondary?) copper storage problem. For a few months, he was treated with Penicillamine to eliminate some copper. His liver enzymes fell by 50 %. Indy was then left on decreasing doses of Prednisone also Denosyl and Ursodiol. Through all that even when the enzymes and Bilirubin were at their highest he never appeared sick or yellow. Inappetence fixed itself with the Prednisone. He took the liver biopsy in stride. He is on a mainly a home cooked diet with supplements developed for him by a college of the Kibble Queen. My present concern is the total disappearance of his undercoat of fur probably (all agreed) as a side effect of the earlier doses of medication. His internist says the undercoat should grow back. I hope it will before it gets colder. My question is, is there anything that is known generally to help a dog grow better fur again (other than snake oil to be found on Google)? -

Is there a product that will help promote a dog’s hair growth? Oct 25, 2017


Thanks for your question.

I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through all of this. It’s clear that you’re dog is very lucky to have you.

The best part about this question is that in my entire career, I have never been asked this before. I will also say that I have never heard of any product that helps hair grow. So I had to search multiple resources to find an answer.

After searching for a while, I started to think that there wasn’t anything that could help with this problem. Then I came across a single entry on a professional message board service that most veterinarians in North America use to share ideas and discuss cases with each other and with specialists.

One veterinarian had an entry regarding her own dog. She owned an 8-year-old Akita who was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, a common disease that among other symptoms, causes hair loss. The veterinarian started using a supplement called Dermoscent Essential Spot-on. It is a liquid supplement that you apply on one spot on the skin. It helps deliver essential oils, namely omega fatty acids, to the skin improving haircoat, reinforcing the skin barrier, reducing dandruff, scales, seborrhea and it has also been known to promote hair growth.

This veterinarian detailed how this product made a dramatic difference in hair regrowth for her dog. When I mention products in my answers, I’ll always mention multiple products so that I’m not endorsing or supporting a product, however, this is the only product of its kind and therefore there are no other products to mention that work in the same way.

I recommend you ask your veterinarian about this product and hopefully you experience the same results.

All the best.

Dr. Clayton Greenway

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