How often should you feed a cat canned food?

Original Question: How often should I be giving my cats the canned food? -

How often should you feed a cat canned food? Jul 19, 2017

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Most veterinarians would recommend a combination of wet food and dry food. So the quick answer to your question is that you would give it every day as part of the regular diet. Some people think that canned food is like a treat. You can use it like that but it is meant to be a consistent diet for a cat.

The next thing you’ll want to do is feed the right amount of it. The fact that you’re mixing wet and dry food now makes it a little harder to calculate exactly how much you need to give of each. The best thing to do is ask the registered veterinary technicians or your veterinarian to tell you what your cats daily caloric requirements are. This is basically the amount of kilo calories you’re supposed to feed to maintain an ideal body weight in your cat. They will have computer programs that help them figure this out from your cats weight and it’s body condition score. You could also find a number of food calculators online to help you do this.

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