When and how often do dogs shed?

Original Question: What time of the year do dogs shed? - Rose

When and how often do dogs shed? Jul 25, 2017

Hi Rose,

While all dogs shed to a certain extent, it is highly dependent on the breed in question. Some dogs shed very little, and have continuously growing hair, such as the poodle. Others, such as the German Shepherd, Siberian Husky or Collie, have a thick double coat and shed lots (and lots!) of hair. Traditionally, these double-coated dogs have a big “blow-out” shed twice a year, when the seasons change. Changes in the environment trigger their bodies to make a new coat for the upcoming season (such as in the Spring, when a heavy hair coat is replaced with a lighter one for Summer). The hair may fall out in clumps or tufts over a period of a few weeks.

Since most of our pets are housed indoors these days, we are less likely to see “blow-out” shed events in the Spring and Fall. Instead, these dogs will shed all year at a relatively constant rate. Brushing and grooming your dog regularly can make a big difference in how much he or she sheds in the house. It can also prevent painful mats and skin infections from developing.

I hope this is helpful!

Dr. Kim Hester

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