My dog is bleeding from the nostril. What is the cause and treatment?

Original Question: Blood is running through the nose of the dog. What to do? - Shubham

My dog is bleeding from the nostril. What is the cause and treatment? Jun 7, 2018

Hi Shubham,

Thanks for your question.

This is called epistaxis and without other information, I can only talk about this clinical symptom in a general way as it would apply to any dog. The very quick, simple and absolutely best answer is to see your veterinarian for a consultation and physical examination. There are many conditions that can cause this and some can be very serious. The possibilities include trauma, bacterial infection, fungal infection, cancer, lodged foreign material, tooth abscess, bleeding/clotting disorders along with others. The typical diagnostics tests I would initially perform would be a urinalysis, thorough general bloodwork, a coagulation profile, X-rays and a really thorough exam with a high-powered light of the nostrils and the oral cavity. Keep in mind that this is a challenging area to investigate as it is encased in bone, down a hole and could be within the skull to a degree. Some of these conditions are often evaluated with the use of a CT scan which is done at speciality centres and can be quite expensive.

My hope is that it is one of the simple conditions that is easily confirmed and treated.

I wish you the best.

Dr. Greenway

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