My cat is always hungry and meowing for food. What is the cause and treatment?

Original Question: Hi, I just want to ask, why is my cat always hungry? He keeps on meowing and begging for food. He thinks that every time I come from work or I come in from outside he thinks I will give him food. He will continue to follow me even though before I go to work I gave him canned food. Even at night he will come to me at my bed and will beg for food again. If I don’t give him attention he will bite me but not a serious bite. Is there a proper timing to give him canned food? Or is he sick? Every how many hours should I feed him? How many canned foods a day? Is he sick? Hopefully not. Thank you in advance. - Laurene

My cat is always hungry and meowing for food. What is the cause and treatment? Jul 16, 2018

Hi Laurene,

Thanks for your question.

The symptom you’re describing is called polyphagia. It is seen as an increase in food intake and it is indeed related to a few common medical conditions that cats can get. Hyperthyroidism and Diabetes Mellitus would be the most common causes. Lesser possibilities are digestive issues, parasites, and heart disease to name a few. The common conditions can be diagnosed with blood work and a urinalysis, with the less common conditions being diagnosed with a parasite test and radiographs or an ultrasound. I would strongly recommend you visit your veterinarian to have a few tests done.

It is unlikely but it’s possible it could be behavioural. I don’t recall ever seeing a case of it but in order to determine if it is, you first have to do the testing to rule out all medical conditions.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

Dr. Clayton Greenway

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