My budgie has brown feathers above the ceres. What is the cause and treatment?

Original Question: The brown feathers above the Ceres are new. What could the problem be? No noticeable breathing concerns or discharge from the nose. - Jodi

My budgie has brown feathers above the ceres. What is the cause and treatment? Aug 30, 2018

Hi Jodi,

Thanks for your question.

The brown discolouration of the feathers is often caused by excessive secretion. Since the area affected is by the ceres, which is similar to the nostrils, the concern would be that there could be increased respiratory secretions. There are multiple scenarios that could cause this, such as a respiratory tract infection, sinus infection, allergic reaction, ocular infection, to name a few.

I would recommend you look at the eyes for any inflammation and monitor the respirations for nothing abnormal. The increased secretion is coming from somewhere. Try your best to find the source and ask your veterinarian about a treatment you could consider at home. If there are additional signs, such as lethargy, not acting himself, coughing/sneezing, irritated eyes, unusual behaviour, reduced appetite, I recommend you see your veterinarian right away.

I hope this helps,

Dr. Clayton Greenway

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