What should I look for when choosing an ear cleaner to clean my dog’s ears?

Original Question: What product should I use to clean my dog's ears? I watched your video but it doesn't say what you put in the dog's ears. Thanks for your help, I hope to hear from you soon. - Jamie

What should I look for when choosing an ear cleaner to clean my dog’s ears? Aug 18, 2017

Hi Jamie,

The best thing you can use to clean your dog’s ears is a pet safe and pet labelled ear cleaner, of course, your vet should let you know if the eardrum is intact if there are some potential concerns about ear health. This means a cleaner you get from your vet or possibly a pet store. If there are chronic ear problems or dirtiness, a visit to your vet to address possible ear infections or other disorders is a good idea. You should never use homemade recipes found on the Internet as they potentially could be damaging to the ear and eardrum. Unfortunately, we can’t make any product endorsements!

I hope this helps.

Dr. Ryan Llera

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