Is it possible that my two cats contracted the same fatal virus that took my other cat’s life?

Original Question: My 5-year-old cat developed a virus due to an autoimmune deficiency and was sick again after a week of antibiotics. We sadly put him down. He was an outdoor-indoor cat. Do you think my other 2 cats developed this virus? They are well at this time. We believe they are siblings as we found all of them together as babies in the bushes. -

Is it possible that my two cats contracted the same fatal virus that took my other cat’s life? Apr 26, 2018

Hi there,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately it is near impossible for me to answer this question since you haven’t mentioned the name of the virus or diagnosis that your cat contracted or had. I will say that viruses are often contagious and your other cats may very well have contracted the infection but have yet to show symptoms.

As a preventive measure, I would recommend you have them tested for the same virus your cat succumbed to and make sure they haven’t contracted it. Depending on the virus, there is a possibility that it could still be present in the environment so once it is confirmed, I would recommend you have your veterinarian advise you on how to treat the home to reduce the risk of infection.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Clayton Greenway

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