How do I inject a cat with a syringe and what antibiotic dosage would I give her?

Original Question: Good day! I was watching your videos on YouTube on how to inject your cat using a syringe and I need it for my cat. I also want to know if you can help me with the injectable antibiotic dosage that I can give her? She is a rescued 2.4kg female Siamese. It’s very hard to give her oral medicines since she has trauma on her bad past. Please help! She is having cat flu. I can't bring her to the vet all of the time since I'm still a student and on a tight budget and still got 8 other rescued cats. I’d really appreciate the help. I’m going to take this opportunity to ask more. I want to ask, what are the vitamins I need to inject my cat and is it every 3 months or so? I need to know so I can save up money and instead of using it for hospitalization of my rescues I use it for neutering and spaying. Thanks!!! - Trisha

How do I inject a cat with a syringe and what antibiotic dosage would I give her? Nov 9, 2017

Hi Trisha,

Sorry to hear that this is difficult for you. Currently, we don’t have a video on proper subcutaneous injection but it’s on our list. For now, I would recommend that you call your local clinic and ask to see one of the registered veterinary technicians. It would be free at most clinics and let them know you just want a lesson. Aside from that, I suggest you search for other videos online. The drug you are likely referring to would be Convenia – it is an injectable antibiotic that lasts 2 weeks (I’m neither supporting or endorsing the product, I’m just assuming this is the one you’re referring to because it is common and matches your description but I can’t be certain). You will need to be prescribed this by your veterinarian and they will calculate the dosage. I don’t give out that information for liability reasons. I know you’ve given me the weight but it could be wrong and I can’t take that risk. I also can’t be certain about the specifics of the product you give. Your veterinarian will certainly advise you on this as they are the only source for obtaining this medication.

I hope this helps. Thanks for checking out the site!

Dr. Clayton Greenway

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