How much should a hedgehog eat in terms of calories?

Original Question: "Good morning, I called into the show this morning but was unable to wait. My question is regarding a hedgehog. I have never owned one and not sure how to tell if a hedgehog is over or underweight and how much to feed him. Thank you so much for any information you would be able to provide me. Merry Christmas!" - Anonymous

How much should a hedgehog eat in terms of calories? Dec 28, 2017

Hi there,

Thanks for calling into the show. I really appreciate it.

I would speak to your veterinarian about determining the daily caloric intake that your hedgehog should receive to obtain an ideal weight. They can actually perform this calculation based on a current body condition score and target body condition score that would be ideal for your hedgehog to obtain. Once this information is known, then an ideal diet can be formulated.

You can speak to your veterinarian about the diet they recommend or a resource that they recommend to create an ideal diet. I did some research on the topic and found a recommended resource that some specialists have referred clients to. I am not affiliated with this website but I do want to present you an option, it is called Hedgehog Headquarter. It will provide you with more in-depth information about having hedgehogs as pets.

Hopefully this is a good start for you.

Dr. Clayton Greenway

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