Would eye discharge 2 days after feeding my dog chicken be a sign of chicken allergies?

Original Question: Hello, after a few years of trying to figure out whether our dog had an environmental allergy or an allergy to chicken we discovered her allergy symptoms seemed to result from going in rivers and streams in Etobicoke. We have kept her out of water for several months and she has been allergy free. We then decided to reintroduce chicken into her diet to potentially eliminate chicken as an allergen. We discovered 2 days after introducing chicken into her diet that 1 eye started oozing pus like liquid with a green type colour. Can this delayed reaction to introducing chicken into her diet be caused by an allergy to chicken? Her ears are fine and she is not itching. Thanks. - Daryl

Would eye discharge 2 days after feeding my dog chicken be a sign of chicken allergies? Nov 1, 2017

Hi Daryl,

It’s definitely important to try and figure out the cause and elimination trials are the best way. If you had no problems keeping her out of the water, that would likely point to something in there causing the allergies. I would not be sold on an eye discharge being connected to a chicken allergy given her ears and skin are fine. It would be prudent to make sure there are no other eye problems with your veterinarian and that the chicken is just coincidental. If it is diagnosed to be allergies, there is an article entitled ‘Dealing With Your Pet’s Allergies’ I would encourage you to check out. Allergies can be a challenging problem so best of luck.

Dr. Ryan Llera

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