Why is my dog bleeding from his anus and how do I get it to stop?

Original Question: My 7-year-old male German Shepherd is bleeding from his anus but is otherwise very healthy. We dewormed him once about 4 weeks ago and he was on a course of antibiotics prior to that but he is always cleaning the area. Any suggestions? - Peggy

Why is my dog bleeding from his anus and how do I get it to stop? Mar 5, 2018

Hi Peggy,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of detail in this question so it is difficult to advise you on the appropriate next steps.

I’m going to assume that the blood is coming from inside the colon since you say he is bleeding from his anus.

The short list of possibilities that could cause this would be:

1. Parasites

2. Physical trauma

3. Benign polyps in the colon

4. Mass lesions/colon cancer

My recommendation is to see your veterinarian for a physical exam. Request that he perform rectal examination by gloving his hand up and feeling inside the colon. In the case of benign polyps, mass lesions or a physical trauma he may be able to feel them. You can also drop off a fecal sample so that it can be examined for parasites.

If the blood is not coming from within the colon, then it must be coming from somewhere around the anus.

There are a few possibilities of what could be causing this:

1. Anal gland infection

2. Physical trauma

3. Perianal mass

Again, these conditions will have to be diagnosed by your veterinarian although there is a possibility that you could find the lesion yourself. When they have lesions that are bleeding, it’s possible that hair is getting stuck to it and obscuring your view. If you are brave enough, you can wash the area and separate the hair or cut it away. This may give you a better idea as to what’s going on and if it’s actually a trauma, you may be able to treat it yourself.

Hopefully this gives you guidance on what to do next. Good luck.

Dr. Clayton Greenway

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