What could be causing my older dog’s cough?

Original Question: My dog Spike will be 17 in August. I had his teeth removed 2 years ago because of infection. He is on a low protein diet and seems to be in good health except for his eyesight and hearing. My concern is he has a cough that seems to get worse during the night. I am wondering what could be the cause. - Joy

What could be causing my older dog’s cough? Jun 10, 2017

Hi Joy,

The age of 17 sure is a great number of years for Spike to be with you. First off, I would recommend an exam with your veterinarian. A cough could be due to a number of issues involving the heart. Some dogs get a fibrosis of the lungs as they age and that prevents normal expansion of the airways, something like this may be worsened with varying temperature and humidity levels such as those changes which occur at night. With any older pet, we also want to rule out cancer and kidney disease, among other chronic diseases.

I hope this helps,

Dr. Ryan Llera

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