How can I stop my dog from having recurrent ear infections?

Original Question: I have a 2-year-old French Bulldog who has chronic ear infections. I had a culture done and was prescribed Mometamax. This clears it up temporarily and then it recurs. What else can I do to stop his from recurring? - Ettie

How can I stop my dog from having recurrent ear infections? Jul 27, 2017

Hi Ettie,

Thanks for your question.

Chronic ear infections can be challenging and they can take a great deal of effort to resolve. I have a lot of information that I can share which I think will really help you. It’s a great deal of advice so I have written an article on our website that outlines this, entitled ‘7 Key Strategies to Treat Ear Infections’. I’m certain it will help out a lot! I also encourage you to check out our video on how to properly clean a dog’s ear as a preventative measure.

Good luck!

Dr. Clayton Greenway

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