Are there any medications I can give my dog to calm her down before I groom and trim her nails?

Original Question: Are there any medications that can be given to my dog for when I cut her nails and do a bit of grooming? She panics and gets very aggressive. Will Benadryl be enough to sedate her for some time? - Hetvi

Are there any medications I can give my dog to calm her down before I groom and trim her nails? Jul 23, 2018

Hi Hetvi,

Thanks for your question! You are not alone in this struggle, as many dogs have trouble when it comes to nail trims or grooming, and it causes their owners a lot of grief. Any time a dog becomes aggressive and tries to bite, considering sedation is always a good idea to keep both the animal and the humans safe. In addition, when we force a frightened animal to undergo a stressful procedure, over time, the fear will likely worsen.

Unfortunately, in a case like this, it is unlikely that over the counter medications will be sufficient to calm the dog. The good news is that your vet can prescribe an oral sedative medication which you take home and give to your dog a few hours before the planned visit or procedure. These are generally very helpful because they reduce the “wind-up” of stress and fear that happens before you get to the groomer or vet clinic. This can make things much easier for everyone involved. I hope this gives you some insight.

Best of luck,

Dr. Kim Hester

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