InHe Manufacturing, LLC and MHR Brands Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Several Products Due to Potential Health Risk for Excess Lead

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This recall press release was issued by the firm on 06-23-2020 and is subsequently being posted by FDA at this time only to benefit the public for informational purposes.

Product Information

Pet Consumption (MHR Brands)

Tasty Drops – Cat Tincture 1oz/200mg: FG003156, FG003325

Tasty Drops – Dog Tincture 1oz/200mg: FG003157, FG003286, FG003324

Purfurred – Dog Tincture, 1oz/200mg: FG003188

Made by Hemp – Cat Tincture, 1oz/200mg: FG003178

Made by Hemp – Dog Tincture, 1oz/200mg: FG003179

Pet Consumption (White Label)

Herbal Renewals – Cat Tincture, 1oz/200mg: FG003213

Herbal Renewals – Pet Blend, 1oz/200mg: FG003223, FG003310

Barkley Bistro – Dog Tincture, 1oz/200mg: FG003145

A Clean Choice – Cat Tincture, 1oz/200mg: FG003117

A Clean Choice – Cat Tincture, 500mg/1oz.: FG003118

A Clean Choice – Dog Tincture, 1oz/200mg: FG003116

A Clean Choice – Dog Tincture, 500mg/1oz.: FG003115

BC Hemp Co LLC – Pet Tincture, 1oz/200mg: FG003165

Boost IV Hydration, LLC – Dog Tincture, 1oz/200mg: FG003270

Acadia Farms – Pet Blend, 1oz/200mg: FG003176

Reason for Recall

How the company learned of this situation: The Company was recently advised by the Florida Department of Health of the presence of elevated heavy metals (lead) in some of its products. In response to this information, the Company undertook an investigation and determined that the issue related to graduated droppers provided by a third-party packaging supplier.

Lead Toxicity Information

Exposure to lead could present physical signs and symptoms including, pain, paresthesia/muscle weakness, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, poor appetite, weight loss, symptoms associated with encephalitis, metallic taste in the mouth, shock, hemolysis or kidney damage.

Steps Taken By Company In Response to Recall

In response and in conjunction with the regulatory authorities, the Company:

  1. issued a voluntary nationwide recall of the affected products, providing every customer with replacement products at no cost to the customer; and
  2. retained a replacement third-party packaging supplier for all replacement and future products.
  3. Discontinue use of graduated droppers in the future.

MHR distributes nationally directly to consumers thorough internet sales and is currently notifying all customers about the ongoing recall directly. The Company also manufactures for other marketers and is notifying those customer of this issue and the identified LOTS urging return of the product to the Company or place of purchase for a free replacement.

Illnesses Reported

Prior to notifying customers of this recall, MHR Brands had not received any reports of adverse health effects regarding the recalled products.

What You Should Do

Consumers should contact their physician or healthcare provider if they experience any symptoms that may be related to using the products being recalled. Consumers should observe pets and contact their veterinarian as signs and symptoms of lead exposure in pets may be similar to those in humans.

Vendors should immediately examine their inventory and quarantine product subject to this recall. In addition, if you may have further distributed this product, please identify your customers and notify them at once of this product recall. Your notification to your customers should include a copy of this recall notification letter.

Product Disposition: Return the product to the Company or destruction.


Phone: MHR Brands at 844-300-5673 Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm (EST)


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