Tips for Helping Your Pet With Seasonal Allergies

Oct 10, 2023

Tips for Helping Your Pet With Seasonal Allergies

Pets, especially dogs who are often outside, can feel the effects of extra pollen and other allergens in the air, leaving them sneezing, itchy, and uncomfortable. Thankfully, you don’t have to let them suffer; you can offer your furry friend certain remedies to help relieve allergy symptoms. Read on as we discuss a few tips for helping your pet with seasonal allergies.


Relieving Allergies on the Surface


One of the two main ways to provide your pet with allergy relief is by applying remedies to their skin. Let’s look at a few suggestions to heal your pet’s skin when allergies strike.


Protection From Fleas and Ticks


The last thing your pet needs when already suffering from allergies is a flea or tick attack that adds more itching to their life. All year round, and especially during allergy season, apply flea and tick preventative medicine to their coat.


A Quick Wipe Down


After being outside, pets bring allergens in on their coat. However, there isn’t always time for a bath. At pet stores, you can purchase grooming wipes that allow you to quickly wipe off their fur and paws to get rid of pollen and other allergens.


A Warm Bath


A warm bath is a relief for an itchy pet with allergies. Try moisturizing shampoos with ingredients such as oatmeal to relieve symptoms. Don’t settle for human shampoo for your four-legged friend. They have different skin and a different pH level than humans. Using the wrong shampoo may irritate their skin more.


Anti-Itch Spray


Anti-itch sprays offer fast relief from itching due to allergies. These sprays are only a temporary fix, but they provide your pet’s skin with a much-needed break from itching. You can also try anti-itch lotions if your little buddy can sit still for the application.


Relieving Allergies Internally


The second set of tips for helping your pet with seasonal allergies concerns healing them from the inside out. At times, pets need a little help with their diet and environment to mitigate any issues they are having. The following are some ways you can help your pet battle allergies internally.


Clean Air


Allergy sufferers need clean air. There isn’t a lot you can do to avoid what’s outside; however, there is something you can do to improve the air inside your house—air purifiers. Air purifiers help relieve seasonal allergies by removing up to 99 percent of allergens in the air. Your fur babies will thank you for setting up an air purifier in your home.


Local Honey


Local honey isn’t only delicious; it’s full of the same pollen that’s floating around your yard. Giving your pet this honey sounds like a bad idea, right? Well, it’s not. The theory is that by eating local honey, which is naturally full of your area’s pollen, your pet will grow accustomed to the allergens and not suffer as badly. Plus, giving your pet honey is easy to try since they will thoroughly enjoy the sweet treat.


Fatty Acid Supplements


Adding fish oil supplements to your pet’s food may help relieve itchy skin and keep itching-induced infections at bay.

Tips for Helping Your Pet With Seasonal Allergies
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Tips for Helping Your Pet With Seasonal Allergies
The pollen and other particles in the air that affect you can also affect your pet. If your pet seems upset, get tips for helping them with seasonal allergies.
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