How To Make Your Home Safer for Pets With Arthritis

Jun 13, 2024

How To Make Your Home Safer for Pets With Arthritis

As our pets age, they may develop arthritis, which makes everyday activities more challenging. Knowing how to make your home safer for pets with arthritis can significantly improve their comfort and quality of life.


Provide Soft, Supportive Bedding


One of the first steps in making your home safer for an arthritic pet is to provide soft, supportive bedding. Orthopedic pet beds alleviate pressure on joints, offering better support than standard beds. Place these beds in accessible areas where your pet likes to rest. Additionally, consider adding extra padding or cushioning to their favorite spots around the house.


Install Ramps and Stairs


Installing ramps is essential if your home has stairs or elevated surfaces. Ramps and pet stairs can make it easier for your companion to access couches, beds, and other high places. Ensure these ramps have non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents.


Use Non-Slip Flooring


Slippery floors can be hazardous for pets with arthritis. Consider using non-slip rugs or mats in areas where your pet frequently walks. These additions will provide better grip and stability, reducing the risk of slips and falls. If you’re able to revise your flooring, avoid slick surfaces without any grip.

You can even bring the non-slip surfaces outdoors. Consider installing a textured concrete patio or a rough wooden deck. If you choose to build a deck, it’s important to choose the right hardwood, as it should be pet-friendly and slip-resistant.


Keep Essentials Within Reach


Arthritic pets may struggle to reach essentials such as food, water, and litter boxes. Move these items to easily accessible locations. Ensuring food and water bowls are at a comfortable height prevents unnecessary bending or stretching. Consider using low-entry litter boxes for cats so that they can get in and out without pain.

Making your home safer for pets with arthritis involves thoughtful modifications that can greatly enhance their comfort and well-being. Providing supportive bedding, installing ramps, using non-slip flooring, and keeping essentials within reach are practical steps that create a pet-friendly environment. By taking these measures, you’ll ensure your arthritic pet remains safe, happy, and healthy in your home.

How To Make Your Home Safer for Pets With Arthritis
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How To Make Your Home Safer for Pets With Arthritis
An arthritis diagnosis doesn’t have to mean that your pet can no longer enjoy access to your whole home. These changes make your space arthritis friendly.
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Healthcare for Pets
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