How To Avoid Neglecting Your Pet’s Hygiene

Oct 2, 2022

How To Avoid Neglecting Your Pet’s Hygiene

Even people who love their pets sometimes neglect their hygiene. They don’t usually do it on purpose—animals don’t always enjoy things like baths and grooming. However, as your pet’s guardian, it’s your responsibility to care for its well-being, and that includes daily hygiene care. Here’s how to avoid neglecting your pet’s hygiene.


Eliminate Bad Breath


Many pet owners notice their pet’s oral health only when it’s time for expensive dental surgery or they get a face full of smelly dog or cat breath. Unfortunately, bad breath can be a sign of too much bad bacteria in your pet’s mouth.

The best way to fix this is to brush your pet’s teeth every day with pet-friendly toothpaste. In order to keep your dog’s breath fresh, you may need to brush its teeth with a special brush designed for its size and breed.


Treat Pet Acne


Both cats and dogs can get acne, especially around their lips and chin. Dogs may get acne due to trauma around the lower face, while cats may get it from dirty food and water bowls. Either way, your vet can diagnose the issue and provide you with wipes designed to treat the acne.


Manage Long Nails


When cats and dogs live mostly indoors, their nails don’t get as much wear and tear as they would living outdoors. Because of this lack of wear, all pet owners should trim their dog’s nails or cat’s nails on a regular basis. Failing to do so can make life uncomfortable for your pet, not to mention the scratches you’ll get on your floors and furniture.


Prioritize Ear Cleaning


Most pets have large ears that are much deeper than a human’s. Their sensitive ears give them impeccable hearing and direction sense. However, because they’re so big, it’s easy for debris to enter your cat’s or dog’s ears. You can help keep them clean by using a vet-approved pet ear cleaner once or twice a month or more often if your pet spends a lot of time swimming.

Most pet owners don’t mean to neglect their pet’s health on purpose. We hope these tips help you avoid neglecting your cat or dog’s hygiene so that you can both avoid any problems in the future.

How To Avoid Neglecting Your Pet’s Hygiene
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How To Avoid Neglecting Your Pet’s Hygiene
Cats and dogs may have originated as wild animals, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need good hygiene. Here’s how to avoid neglecting your pet’s hygiene.
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