Healthy Pups: Why Do Dogs Need First Vet Visits

Sep 8, 2022

Healthy Pups: Why Do Dogs Need First Vet Visits

Like people, our fur children need to go to the vet for annual checkups and initial consultations. A first vet visit allows a professional to evaluate your pup and check their vitals to determine their health. And if you’ve recently changed vets, it will enable them to gather information on your puppy or adult dog’s health so they can easily recognize abnormalities. Keep reading this article for more information on why every dog needs a first vet visit.


Physical Exams


During a dog’s first exam, the vet will inspect them from muzzle to tail to ensure their coat, ears, eyes, and all other areas look the way they should. They’ll also check their gums and their teeth. Adult dogs may have plaque buildup, which could require professional cleaning to protect their dental health. The vet will also check their weight to ensure it’s appropriate for their breed and age. The vet will also do other tests, including:

  • Checking reflexes
  • Blood work
  • Fecal exams
  • Checking heart rate

All these tests help the vet determine your pup’s health to ensure they remain happy and healthy.


Diagnosis of Diseases


Although all puppies need a first vet visit, the same is true for senior dogs, middle-aged, and so on. Your dog may have a regular vet, but if you move away from the clinic, this means starting from square one. Dogs need annual checkups to ensure they haven’t developed age-related or other diseases. Some canines develop diabetes as they age, and getting a diagnosis from a vet allows you to know the truth about diabetes in dogs so you can give your pup the proper treatment.


Discuss Procedures


Depending on where you got your puppy, you may still have to get your puppy microchipped and fixed. Some shelters and animal rescues do these procedures or require them in the adoption contract to prevent the overpopulation of dogs. However, some shelters and most breeders don’t offer these services, so the vet may discuss these procedures with you.




Another reason dogs need a first vet visit is so you can discuss essential vaccinations and when to get them. Vaccinations against parvo protect your puppy against a deadly disease. Likewise, rabies protects your dog and people against a dangerous virus they could catch from another animal; many counties require this vaccine.


Care Recommendations


Your puppy is likely already used to a type of food from the breeder or animal rescue. And you have to decide whether to continue that or switch foods. Talk to the vet and see what type of puppy food they recommend; puppy food differs from adult food since it contains the vitamins young dogs need.

The vet will also talk to you about preventative measures to lower the risk of heartworm, fleas, and more. Proper care keeps your adorable puppy healthy so you can experience this new life journey together.

Healthy Pups: Why Do Dogs Need First Vet Visits
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Healthy Pups: Why Do Dogs Need First Vet Visits
Our four-legged friends aren’t too different from us when it comes to checkups. Find out why every dog needs a first vet visit, plus what you should expect.
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