Common Items Around the Home That Are Dangerous for Your Dog

Mar 24, 2023

Common Items Around the Home That Are Dangerous for Your Dog

If we asked you right now what kind of things inside your home are poisonous to your dog, you would probably say chocolate, onions, medications, etc. While you’re correct on all those, many more common items around the home are dangerous for your dog. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with all the harmful items; you can brush up on your knowledge here!


Some Household Plants


You might love the look and smell of household plants inside your home, but some of them can poison your furry friend! Dangerous house plants include aloe vera, pothos, peace lilies, elephant ears, and much more. These plants range in toxicity, but to be safe, you shouldn’t have them in locations accessible to your dog.


Chicken Bones


You might think that giving your fur baby a chicken bone is a natural and organic way to give them something to chew on, but stop right there! Giving chicken bones to your dog is never good for their health. These bones are tiny and can splinter, which can tear your dog’s throat or puncture their internal organs. Save the wishbone for the kids, not the dog!


Trash or Food Waste


If your fur baby likes to scavenge for scraps in the trash can, you might only think of this as a bad habit to break because they’re anxious or bored. However, the trash in the bin poses a greater threat to your dog than you might realize.

Garbage gut results from your pet eating something in the trash intolerable to their digestive system. This can cause your pet to have diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and lethargy. Luckily, there are ways to keep your pet out of the trash, so you can avoid a trip to the vet due to garbage gut.


Antifreeze and Fertilizer


If you were to drink antifreeze or eat fertilizer, you would think it’s the most foul-tasting thing in the world. However, if your furry companion gets into these substances, they see it as a sweet drink and a tasty feast. But antifreeze and fertilizer can be fatal if you do not realize your dog ingested them quickly enough. If you use these substances around the home, keep them in the garage or a place your pet cannot access.


Dryer Sheets


It’s cute when your dog sits patiently, waiting to tear up the dryer sheet from your load of laundry. What you didn’t know is that it can be a dangerous item around the home for your dog. The chemicals in the dryer sheet can be harmful and poisonous to your fur baby, even if they’re used! Take the dryer sheet out of your laundry before sitting down to fold it, so there isn’t a chance your favorite companion will run away with it.

Our dogs don’t know any better. They would eat and play with anything we give them! It’s up to you to ensure your furry companion is safe around the home. If you find these items lying around within your dog’s reach, find a new place for them or get rid of them altogether.

Common Items Around the Home That Are Dangerous for Your Dog
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Common Items Around the Home That Are Dangerous for Your Dog
It’s critical to your dog’s health that you know what common items around the home are dangerous to them. Learn which items you need to be cautious of.
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