Canine Care: Reasons To Take Your Dog to the Vet

Feb 1, 2023

Canine Care: Reasons To Take Your Dog to the Vet

We go to the doctor when we don’t feel well or notice a sudden bodily change. Our pets are no different, but they rely on us to bring them to the vet. Some of the many reasons to take your dog to the vet include if it throws up, has sudden behavioral shifts, and is in distress. Deepen your understanding of the top reasons to take your dog to the vet.




Throwing up can signify many things. Your dog may have a fever, or it may have ingested a toxin. If it only throws up once, keep an eye on it. Specifically, pay attention to its appetite, behavior, and vomit color. For example, yellow vomit could signify acid reflux, but clear may mean it drank too much water in one sitting. If your dog refuses to eat or drink and seems sluggish, call your vet and explain the situation.

However, if your dog throws up multiple times within an hour or its vomit is bloody, go to the vet immediately. Something serious could be wrong, and taking it in right away allows the vet to do all necessary testing to determine the cause.


Signs of Nausea


By the time your dog starts gagging, there’s little time to get it on an easy-to-clean surface to throw up. Other signs of nausea in dogs include drooling, excessive swallowing, and tongue flicking.


Diagnosed Illnesses


Like their human counterparts, dogs can have various illnesses; sometimes, they have the same health conditions people do. This can include:

Your pet requiring specialized care is another vital reason to take your dog to the vet. As an animal expert, the vet can provide care tips and educate you on your pet’s condition.


Behavioral Shift


Something could be wrong if your beloved pup goes from overly active to refusing playtime. You may also notice a shift in eating habits. Has your pooch gone from ravenous to turning its nose at the sight of food? A lack of appetite could signify gastrointestinal problems. Likewise, a dog that refuses to go on walks may be in pain due to an injury or arthritis.


Increase in Thirst


Does your dog suddenly seem addicted to water? While drinking after a long walk or playtime is normal, constant thirst is one of the top warning signs that your dog has diabetes. Getting a vet diagnosis right away ensures you manage your pup’s health so that the condition doesn’t worsen.


Emergency Situations


Go to the vet if your dog ate harmful foods—chocolate, macadamia nuts, xylitol, etc.—or a poisonous substance. You should also seek emergency care for the following reasons:

  • Broken bone
  • Seizure
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Heavy breathing


All of these are signs from your pooch that something’s wrong. The sooner you go to a vet, the quicker you can ease the pain. Take care of your furry friend so that you can enjoy your time together.

Canine Care: Reasons To Take Your Dog to the Vet
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Canine Care: Reasons To Take Your Dog to the Vet
Aside from annual appointments, there may be times when your dog needs medical care. Discover the top reasons to take your dog to the vet for specialized care.
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