Can You Cure Epoxy Resin Around Animals?

Apr 25, 2023

Can You Cure Epoxy Resin Around Animals?

Having pets is a great way to expand your family and fill your home with love. If you also love filling your home with handmade crafts, you can do so cautiously. Some types of crafts, such as epoxy resin crafts, are dangerous for pets. Keep reading to learn whether you can cure epoxy resin around animals and what potential side effects your animals could experience while you use this craft supply.


Don’t Cure Epoxy Resin Around Pets


While we don’t want to cramp your creative style, you should not cure epoxy resin around pets. While the two ingredients of epoxy resin, the resin and the hardener, are not toxic on their own, they release toxic fumes when mixed. These fumes are adhesive, which means they can cause oral and respiratory irritation if your pet inhales them.


Separate Pets and Curing Epoxy Resin


If you want to create epoxy resin crafts with pets in the house, separate the two. Place pets in a comfortable environment with good ventilation. Create your epoxy resin crafts in a separate area, ideally one with good ventilation that does not cross into the place where your pets are. Leave your crafts to cure in an area your pets do not go. Make sure to choose the right environment for curing your epoxy resin projects. One of the reasons your epoxy resin may not harden is that it’s in the wrong environment. Avoid this mistake so that your crafts can cure quickly and your pets can safely enjoy freedom within your home.


Keep Cured Resin Away From Pets


Once your epoxy resin craft is cured, it should not pose a danger to your pet. However, you should keep the craft away from your pet if they have a habit of licking or chewing on household products, including whatever you made with your resin. Ingesting epoxy resin is still dangerous for pets, just as eating plastic or other materials could cause gastrointestinal problems. Watch for vomiting, diarrhea, changes in appetite, dizziness, and drowsiness if you think your pet has ingested epoxy resin. Take your pet to the vet right away if they exhibit these symptoms.

The short answer to the question, can you cure epoxy resin around animals, is no. However, if you separate the curing epoxy resin from your pets, you can continue crafting while protecting your animals. Always reach out to a trusted pet healthcare professional if you’re unsure whether a product that is safe for humans is also safe for your pet.

Can You Cure Epoxy Resin Around Animals?
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Can You Cure Epoxy Resin Around Animals?
Many people have pets in their homes, including people who enjoy crafting. However, making crafts with epoxy resin can threaten your pet’s safety.
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