8 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat

By: Jody Smith | Reviewed by Dr. Clayton Greenway, B.Sc., DVM | Jun 20, 2018

8 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat

Cats can be very enigmatic. As anyone who has a cat knows, these furry companions don’t seem to care too much about what we think of them.

But whether they care or not, it’s always good to know the truth. There are plenty of myths out there concerning cats especially when it comes to adoption so let’s look at 8 important reasons to adopt a shelter cat.


1. Adopting a shelter cat helps with cat overpopulation. 


In a country like Canada, twice as many cats are being admitted to Canadian shelters as there are dogs, according to the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies. Some of these cats are strays, and some are brought in by owners who can no longer take care of their pets.

Things have been improving. In 2015, for instance, the Toronto Humane Society reported that 57 percent of our homeless cats are being adopted. This is good news but even so, we have a long way to go. The CFHS said that more than 82,000 cats went to Canadian shelters in 2015.


2. Cats from a shelter are affectionate.


Despite their aloof reputation, you may be surprised to learn that cats love us more than some of them let on. And this goes for shelter cats too.

This may come as a surprise to some cat owners. But there’s even been a study on it. Oregon State University researchers published in the journal Behavioural Processes that cats will actually choose to be with people over food. Believe it or not!


3. Cats available for adoption are clean and healthy.


By the time you meet them, every cat will have been examined and treated for any possible health and reproductive issues. You can count on your new pet having been vaccinated, neutered and well-fed. Any medications required will have been administered.


4. You’re getting a good value for your money.


Fees vary from shelter to shelter but whatever the amount, you’re getting good value for your dollars. You’ll find that the cost of adoption covers a wide variety of important things like medication, microchipping, neutering and a healthy diet. This package deal may even be cheaper than what all these treatments would cost in a typical veterinarian visit.


5. Many shelter cats are friendly.


There are many reasons a perfectly friendly cat might find itself in need of a home. For example, the owner may have been dealing with situations that make caring for a pet impossible. Allergies, loss of a job, or moving to a non-pet apartment building are all factors that can leave a cat in need of a new home and family.

Any extremely dangerous cats from the wild are not put up for adoption, for the protection of you and your family.

Cat rooms in a shelter provide the chance for a cat to become or to remain socialized and familiar with human involvement. So being in a shelter can actually improve some cats’ interactions with humans.


6. Paperwork and information is available, for some more than others.


Many owners who must give up their beloved pets will provide any paperwork they have. In such cases, medical history and descriptions of the cat’s personality and habits may be available. And the people who run the shelter will also pass on whatever they have observed about an individual cat.


7. Not only adult cats but kittens are available for adoption too.


Shelters get plenty of kittens, individually and in full litters. Cute little kittens can get picked up pretty fast but you’ll find them. You may need to show up early in the day, or you can request to be put on a waiting list.


8. You can adopt purebred shelter cats with certification.


Think all you’ll find are old tabbies? Not so. Being purebred does not offer some elitist protection from homelessness. Not all of these cats will have papers, but many will come with certification if their previous owner could provide it.

Adopting a rare breed may not be as easy as finding a more commonplace type of cat, but they can be found.

So whether you’re looking for a kitten, a purebred, or just a friendly kitty who needs a new home, there’s no better way to celebrate than visiting your local shelter and bringing home a new family member. Thanks for considering adoption!


For a brief overview of the 8 reasons to adopt a shelter cat take a look at the clip below!



8 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat
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8 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat
There are plenty of myths out there concerning cats especially when it comes to adoption so let's debunk some of the most common myths and look at 8 important reasons to adopt a shelter cat.
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