6 Appropriate Activities for Senior Dogs

May 7, 2024

6 Appropriate Activities for Senior Dogs

You’ve watched your dog grow from a small pup to a mature dog. Their rambunctious energy has faded, and sore joints and muscles have emerged. Long hikes on rough terrain, hours of playing fetch, and chasing other dogs around the yard are no longer viable.

It’s time to take a new approach to playtime. These appropriate activities for senior dogs are sure to satisfy their desire to play without putting too much strain on their aging bodies.


1. Gentle Strolls on Smooth Terrain


The simple pleasure of daily walks will strengthen a senior dog’s quality of life. It exposes them to nature, lets them investigate various smells, and provides them with much-needed exercise.

Just remember that your pup can’t handle jogging or tough terrain like before. Instead, choose flat grassy parks or paved walking trails. Maintain a leisurely pace, and let your dog stop for breaks frequently. Every aspect of these walks will improve your dog’s mood and mobility.


2. Old Dog, New Tricks


Old dogs can learn new tricks, too. Introducing new, low-stress tricks adds excitement to their routine.

Tricks that require minimal physical effort, such as sit and speak, are rewarding. These activities keep their mind sharp and their bodies comfortable.


3. Sniffing Games


Sniffing games are a wonderful way to engage your senior dog’s most powerful sense – their sense of smell. These activities can keep your dog mentally sharp and provide a low-stress form of stimulation.

Create a simple sniffing game by hiding treats around your home or in the backyard, and encourage your dog to find them. This stimulates their brain and gives them a gentle form of physical exercise.


4. Calming Massages


Sore muscles and stiff joints are painful. As such, an appropriate activity for senior dogs is a soothing massage. Gentle pressure and soothing strokes can significantly reduce their discomfort and improve their mobility.

The therapeutic effects of the massage will make your sweet senior dog thrilled to curl up on their supportive orthopedic or memory foam dog bed for a restful nap.


5. Swimming


Swimming offers a way for dogs to gently engage their muscles without putting undue stress on their joints. It’s particularly beneficial for dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia, which often makes traditional exercise challenging.

Offering physical support by swimming in shallow water is a great method to help senior dogs feel secure as they exercise. It builds their confidence in the water, allowing them to fully benefit from this low-impact activity without feeling overwhelmed.


6. Stimulating Obstacle Courses


Designing a gentle obstacle course inside the house or backyard creates a stimulating form of exercise for senior dogs. Wide tunnels, small hurdles, gradual ramps, and treats spread throughout will motivate them to complete the course each time.

Switch up the layout to spark continuous interest. The combination of exercise and problem-solving will enhance your dog’s cognitive abilities while maintaining proper fitness.

Dogs of all ages love to play and exercise. Even as your dog grows older, there are plenty of suitable activities to try. All you need is a new perspective on playtime with your senior pup.

6 Appropriate Activities for Senior Dogs
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6 Appropriate Activities for Senior Dogs
Never let your dog's aging body stop them from playing and learning. Try six appropriate activities for senior dogs that offer substantial stimulation.
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