4 Essential Ways To Take Care of Small Dogs

Nov 4, 2022

4 Essential Ways To Take Care of Small Dogs

Lapdogs are full of love and provide their owners with copious amounts of joy. While treating your pup like royalty can be tempting, you need to find an appropriate balance to ensure they behave and stay healthy. Here are some essential ways to care for your small dog.


Dietary Needs


Your little friend needs to eat mindfully to stay healthy. Because of their tiny statures, overfeeding small dogs can quickly lead to health issues, including:

As a best practice, feed your little one appropriate portions throughout the day. Generally, it’s good to break small dogs’ food into three tiny meals daily. Ensure you follow the feeding instructions on the bag and feed them brands with high-quality ingredients meant for little dogs.


Exercise and Activity


Like all dog breeds, an essential way to take care of small dogs is to provide them with the appropriate amount of physical activity. This will aid in terms of fitness and keeping their minds stimulated.

Most small pups benefit from daily 30-minute walks, but you need to be mindful of their size, as they have shorter legs than medium and large dogs. For example, a little Pomeranian cannot run at the same brisk pace as a Labrador. Even if you’re walking each dog for the same amount of time, you would have to go at a slower pace to accommodate the Pomeranian’s stature.

Pro Tip

Most pups can also benefit from playing fetch in a fenced-in yard on days when you’re busy.




A little training goes a long way in preventing Small Dog Syndrome. This term refers to when small pups dominate the house and misbehave, giving them a bad reputation. However, small dogs can behave just as well as medium and large dogs, assuming they receive proper training.

While small dogs are cute because they are so diminutive, ensure you still treat yours the same way you would any other. You need to address and correct signs of aggression and biting to prevent anyone from being hurt. Teach your little pups basic training and leash etiquette, and you’ll show everyone their full potential.




While walking your small dog is important, you should consider holding them in your arms to reward good behavior. Most small dogs like being carried, and you can do this around the house and while you’re out running errands at dog-friendly places if you have a tote bag carrier.

Carrying your small dog allows them to be close to you. This helps cultivate a sense of security and will enable you to bond with them, so it’s great for their emotional well-being. Pups with separation anxiety will especially prefer traveling with you.


Key Takeaways


Let’s review the points we’ve covered. Healthy diets go a long way in keeping your pup around for years to come. Even with their size, proper training and activity are important, adding plenty of fulfillment to their lives. Finally, it’s perfectly okay to bond with your dog, but ensure you reward them when they’re on their best behavior.

We hope these care tips help set you up for many joyous years with your pup!

4 Essential Ways To Take Care of Small Dogs
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4 Essential Ways To Take Care of Small Dogs
Do you have a small dog? Learn about some best practices to incorporate into their care and training routine to ensure they remain healthy and happy.
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